Latest News & Updates
30th September, 2020 :

Disabled Site Uploading

We are currently transferring all our servers to another server, we are doing this so that the site can become more stable. File uploading will be back enabled very soon.

22nd September, 2020 :

Server Stability Fixed

We are moving our servers from Apache to Nginx, which will result in our site staying stable and stable download & upload speeds.

6th September, 2020 :

Download Speeds Fixed

We have recently resolved the issue with downloads being slow to Initate, you can now download your files extremely fast now! Thank you for being patient with us.

5th September, 2020 :

Max Downloads at once

We have updated the max amount of concurrent downloads per user to 4, It was unlimited before but that was causing us some server issues. This may be increased In the near future as we will expand our servers, to handle your needs.

1st September, 2020 :

Removal of Inactive Files

We have changed file inactivity time period for free users from 20 days to 14 days. So now free users inactive files will be removed after 14 days. This is to save server storage space, for unneeded files.